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The New 99$ Drone with the same features as those from 1499$

Inexpensive, foldable and light drone, it can easily transform your fantasy of flying freely and discover the unknown world into reality. For this year, 50% discount! A choice you won’t regret!

“Even if physically you cannot reach the summit of Everest, you can see the panorama from its summit as you have never imagined, through a magnificent view, filmed by a drone. “

The days of taking photos with low-quality drones are over!

A new way of capturing breathtaking moments has been introduced and it’s your chance to experience it!

The drone is not limited to what it can achieve, but exposes you to views unknown to man.

The drone craze has taken over social media, with social media users all over the world sharing videos of the incredible views they have captured.

How is it possible?

We present the brand new Drone X Pro™, the most sought after object in circulation, made for everyone, especially for fans of technological gadgets or for those who just want to be at the top of their social media such as Instagram and Facebook

This is not the usual drone!

Marketed at an affordable price, it was specially designed by two German engineers experienced in their field and their love for this new technology led them to build the best drone out there.

“We analyzed drones of all types and found that all drones were very bulky, heavy and problematic to carry when traveling. So we decided to make a new ultra-compact and light drone “

– Paul Archer, founder of Drone X Pro™.

With that in mind, they created a drone that is now known as Drone X Pro

What makes Drone XTacticalDrone the best choice?

In addition to being designed with German technology, the Drone X Pro™ has incredible features:

Easy take off and landing

Easy to use and control for everyone, even children can make it fly. Just think about having fun!

Small, light, windproof and never loses the signal.

For an incredible stable flight experience wherever you are, without risking losing it and throwing money for signal loss as often happens with other drones.

Ultra HD camera for maximum resolution shots.

Take photos and videos in high definition for unforgettable moments. DroneXPro is also used by famous Instagram influencers to earn money and travel for free in the best hotels in the world.

The same quality of a drone from 1499$, with the only difference that costs 15 times less.

It costs 1/15 of the price of a large multinational drone, but with the same quality! It is the ideal drone as a principle but also as a perfect gift for your son, nephew or your father!

How will it improve your life?

Drone X Pro will strengthen the bond with your family, immortalizing unforgettable memories. You can use it together with your child as a real driver and discover new unreachable landscapes.

Explore the world as an adventurer like Bear Grylls

The Drone X Pro can drive you anywhere and enjoy the incredible feeling of flying like a plane and see a world you’ve never discovered.

You can also use it with friends and become a true adventurer like Bear Grylls, contemplating the world from new angles and perspectives! From the height of the mountains to the bottom of the caves!

Unlock new ways to take amazing selfies.

If you are going to use it with your friends, this drone will make you the true innovator of the group.

While others take photographs from classic corners, with Drone X Pro you can create trend and turn simple days into extraordinary unforgettable moments.

This is the magic of Drone X Pro!

Get ready to enjoy wonderful views, especially during your next trip!

How is Drone X Pro used?

We are all very surprised at how easy it is to use this drone. Just follow these 3 steps:

# 1 Scan the QR code and install the compatible application on all phones
# 2 Insert the battery, turn on the drone and open the application
# 3 Get ready to see the Drone X Pro fly with a simple button

That’s it! You can start using Drone X Pro immediately and take photos and videos from impossible angles that will impress your friends!

How to buy Drone X Pro

Unlike other drones that are sold for 1,500$, this incredible drone is only 99$ with free delivery throughout Italy in one working day.

The best part is that you can pay on delivery and get a full money back guarantee.

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UPDATE: Drone X Pro™ is available NOW for only 99$ with free shipping throughout Italy for a limited period of time! Hurry up and get yours before the offer expires!