Heats any room instantly with low energy consumption

The cheapest solution for heating this winter

EcoHeat S is the revolutionary next-generation, ultra-low consumption portable electric heater that cuts the cost of electricity.

Born from a start-up, it uses a revolutionary technology patented by Italian engineers.

EcoHeat S is now the most powerful, ultra-low energy portable electric heater on the market!

Very small and light, it fits in one hand and you can move it wherever you want without the encumbrance of wires.

Revolutionary limited edition stove – only 500 pieces available

EcoHeat S is the new energy-efficient electric heater that heats every room without excessive costs.

Conceived by a promising company, it has achieved record ratings worldwide due to its small size, low power consumption and speed of heating.

EcoHeat S is in fact very small, fits in one hand, and you can move it wherever you want without the encumbrance of wires. It is suitable for heating any room with a simple electrical socket in a very short time: bedrooms, bathrooms, halls, offices, garages, campers and caravans.

In addition to being a valid alternative for cutting electricity costs, it is also the most convenient portable electric heater due to its endless features.

ATTENTION: only a few pieces in stock. Take advantage of the special offer for only 89€

Why choose EcoHeat S

No more surprises in the bill

Immediate heat diffusion

No more waste! Only heats the room you are in

Forget about high electricity bills

€ 89,00 | 180,00 €


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€ 89,00 | 180,00 €

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