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Can You Really Get a Premium Smartphone, On a Budget? You'll be amazed how affordable this awesome phone is...

Summary: Latest Europe start-up has just launched the flagship smartphone called Xone Phone giving big smartphone company makers a real run for their money. With thousands of customers already convinced, Xone Phone is the first flaship smartphone of the new era costing three times less than the competition. Xone Phone is here to satisfy the most demanding smartphone users.

It’s selling like crazy worldwide, we investigate why this little known smartphone is so popular!

Everybody knows the big tech brands are ripping us off. They change very little every year, and yet their phones seem to keep getting more and more expensive… 

But can you get a top-quality smartphone, without paying crazy prices?

We investigate why everyone is choosing this particular new smartphone, instead of overpriced, iPhones and Galaxys…

What Is It?

Its called the Xone Phone. Lots of people have switched to it already. No wonder when you realise how similar it is to the iPhone X, without the huge price tag of course!

Xone Phone is sold by a company from Europe (France and Germany). It’s made in the same Chinese factories as lots of other major brands – so the build quality is superb like the flagship phones of biggest phone companies like Apple, Samsung and Huawei.

They used the best parts, technology and software from the expensive models. You can really feel the premium cutting-edge inside, the Xone Phone works super fast and smoothly! The Android OS is completely optimized and you will never notice any lag.

Why Is The Xone Phone So Popular?

We think it’s because Xone Phone has focused on the most important things;

  •  Long-life, all-day battery (with built-in, energy-saving software)
  •  High-quality, sharp front and back cameras (16MP & 8MP)
  •  Strong internet connection capabilities


For nearly all of us, these are the most important features. They made it so you can browse the internet and take/upload amazing pictures, all day, without suffering from battery anxiety or buffering!

What Are Other Some Key Features?

The Xone Phone is packed with lots of useful stuff you’d find in Apple’s newest iPhone or Samsung’s latest Galaxy:

✅ Face unlock AND fingerprint unlock, means you can get into your phone in a split second. However, nobody else can as it’s very secure.

✅ Dual sim and memory card slots make it perfect for travelling with or for business people. It’s like having two phones, in one.

✅ Big 3350 mAh battery and the smart energy-saving software, means the Xone Phone can easily support a whole day of usage with a single charge.

✅ The crystal clear, 5.7 inch, all-screen display is both the perfect size for one-handed usage and watching videos in HD+.

✅ Dual GPS and Glonass for ultra-accurate navigation in map and route planning apps

It also comes preloaded with most of the common Google apps and the latest Android 8.1 along with regular updates.

What Did Our Editorial Team Think?

Fantastic build quality. Everything loads fast. An excellent all-rounder for everything most of us will ever need. I wish I didn’t just buy the new iPhone!

I love that it has a good battery life. I’m sick of running around looking for charging points by lunchtime with my power-hungry Samsung… The Xone Phone is a serious contender

Great camera, good battery, nice looking also! I was stunned by the price – Xone Phone has to be the bargain of the century!

How Much Does Xone Phone Cost?

We calculated the cost of the Xone Phone to be between $500-700. The average guess in the office was $700. 

Incredibly the highly-rated Xone Phone is just $199… (with the promo at the time of writing)!

That is a crazy price when you consider just how similar this phone is to the newest iPhone and Samsungs – and those models cost 5 times more!!!

How Can It Be So Affordable?

Xone Phone spends nothing on advertising. They prefer to let their devices and positive reviews do the talking for them! 

Meanwhile, Apple and Samsung spend billions on advertising. Those huge costs are added on to the price of their phones (sometimes up to 50%) and paid for by us, the customers…

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Conclusion: Should You Get It?

The quality is premium, it ‘feels’ like an expensive $1,000 smartphone. It works quickly and perfectly. Both cameras are excellent. The battery life is certainly enough for a full day of heavy use. Finally,  the promotion price is amazing for a device this high-level. We say, definitely, pick one up before they go!

In a Nutshell: Xone Phone is as good as the big brands, but a fraction of the price!


  • High Capacity, Long-Life Battery
  • 16MP Camera takes Beautiful, High-Quality Pictures even in Low Light Conditions
  • Fast Fingerprint & Face Unlock Security Technology
  • 50% Discount Currently Available


  • May Be Running Out Of Stock Soon

Where Can I Order an Xone Phone for Myself?

That’s easy, at the moment you can buy Xone Phone 50% cheaper at the introductory price:

  1. Order Xone Phone from the supplier’s website.
  2. Enjoy most of the Features from the most expensive phones for a fraction of the price.


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